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Library Services for CollegeNow Students: Getting Started

About this Guide

Welcome to the TC3 Library!

Concurrent Enrollment (CE) high school students, those participating in TC3's CollegeNow program, are eligible to use the TC3 Library.   

It's possible that your own high school library, your local public library, or other libraries near where you live will have everything you need to complete your assignments for your TC3 courses.  But just in case you need more course resources or other research help or some academic assistance, this guide is intended to answer questions you may have about the TC3 Library - what you can do and how you can do it.

  • You are welcome to come to the campus in Dryden to borrow books and videos, use the computers, print your papers or use in-person tutoring services, for example.
  • You can also use the Library's online resources from wherever you have Internet access.

If you have any questions about conducting your research or about services offered by the Library, check with your own high school librarian or please contact a TC3 librarian.  We're happy to help you.

Library Information

Library Hours

Contact us:

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Your TC3 ID Number

Off-campus access to our online resources and services are reserved for TC3 people only, and these require that you have a TC3 ID number to prove that you are eligible.

You are assigned a TC3 ID number when you register for a TC3 course.  If you do not know your number you can contact the CollegeNow office at 607-844-8222 ext. 4311 or e-mail  If you do not know your ID number but you can log into myTC3, you can look up your ID number there.  Click on the myInfo tab and select TC3 ID Card Number in the left menu.

Why do you need a TC3 ID number?  In order to log in and:

Your TC3 ID Card

You do not automatically receive a TC3 ID card.  If you are planning to come to the Dryden campus to do research you can request that one be prepared for you by filling out the Community Borrower Application and bringing it in with proof of your identification.

If your teacher has arranged for your whole class to come to the TC3 Library to do research then an ID card will be prepared for each person in the class.  You will pick up your ID in the Library when you arrive.  You should hold onto it for future use.

Why do you need a TC3 ID Card?  If you are coming to the Dryden campus and want to: 

  • borrow a book, e-reader, or video
  • check out an iPad or headphones or a calculator to use while you're here
  • use a group study room
  • print or photocopy
  • work with a tutor

Or, if you live near another SUNY campus and want to borrow books from their library you can get permission by showing them your TC3 ID card and a photo ID.

Note:  If you want to use the TC3 Fitness Center, you may join as a community member.  You are also welcome to use our pool, for a minimal fee, although if you are under 18 you'll have to be accompanied by an adult.  You'll be asked to show your TC3 ID Card.

Tompkins Cortland Community College Library -170 North St, P.O. Box 139, Dryden, NY 13053 - 607-844-8222, ext. 4360 - Email the Library